you talk. we listen. no judgement. 


happy is an app that connects you to a community of exceptionally compassionate listeners, wherever, whenever, 24/7.

we are here in the moments big and small when you need to talk it out. 


available for iPhone & iPad. download and get your first call free 

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who will I talk to?

when you download Happy, at the tap of a button you're connected over the phone with a compassionate, non-judgmental listener vetted by us and intelligently selected for you.

Happy Givers are nonjudgmental, naturally affirming of others, and ask insightful questions that help you gain fresh perspective.

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what can I talk about?

anything! the challenges and transitions that lead us to need more support - like starting a new job, having a baby, caring for a sick family member - are often the moments when we receive less of it!

Happy Givers are here for life’s everyday stresses as well as its more intense struggles.

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it works

93% of people feel better. 86% of people feel less anxious.

receiving emotional support increases our physical and mental wellbeing, and helps us deal with stress. 

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"I decided to give Happy a try and be open to a different perspective...I received so much more than that. I was greeted with kindness and left knowing I was more than okay. After talking it through, my situation felt less daunting and more like an opportunity."


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