you talk. we listen. no judgement.    

happy connects you to a community of exceptionally compassionate listeners, wherever, whenever, 24/7. we are here in the moments big and small when you need to talk it out.  

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who will I talk to? 

one of our 2500 Happy Givers who are vetted and approved because of their gift for deep listening and acceptance.

they are non-judgmental, naturally affirming of others, and ask insightful questions that help you gain fresh perspective.



what can I talk about?

anything! the challenges and life transitions that lead us to need more support - like starting a new job, moving to a new city, having a baby, or caring for a sick family member - are often the reason we recieve less of it!

Happy Givers are here to support you through life’s everyday stresses as well as its more intense struggles.


because we all have moments when: 


it works

science tells us that receiving emotional support increases our physical and mental wellbeing and helps us deal with stress. 


kind words

"it was uplifting to see that I could speak with someone I did not know and who was not a therapist but was able to help me get out of [my] down mood."


happy ensures that no matter what, you have instant access to the empathy and encouragement you deserve, so that you can get the emotional nourishment we, as humans, all need to thrive.


hot off the press


our blog

alltogether is a blog from happy about being a better human for yourself and the world you live in. read on for ideas and stories about nurturing yourself so that you can be the healthiest happiest version of yourself, as well as tips, tools and inspiration for improving your relationships. 


our community

giving and receiving emotional support is the next frontier in wellness, and prioritizing it is the start of a vital cultural shift. growing outwards from our community of Happy Givers, we are hosting events and partnering with musicians, educators, organizations, and pioneers in the local, organic food movement to ignite a social movement around the transformative power of genuine human connection.