happy future

on the ground, making the world a happier place. 

Happy is proud to partner with organizations and people who are working their hardest to provide people with support and teach people the social and emotional skills they need to be successful, happy people in the modern world. 


urban confessional

Urban Confessional is an international organization dedicated to giving people a chance to feel heard, on the ground, in person, when they least expect it. born on the streets of Los Angeles, California, Urban Confessional began as a  determined to challenge the status quo. every week, they stood on street corners in LA with signs that read “Free Listening” and opened their hearts to anyone who needed to laugh, cry, scream, or chat. over the years, the community has grown to include people from all walks of life across 6 continents, 50 countries, and 40 states.

moving forward education

Moving Forward Education is a group of educators and advocates who pair intensive academic tutoring with captivating social and emotional learning to increase confidence and unlock their students’ full potential. they nurture young women and men to better understand, question, and remake the world around them. happy is proud to partner with them by donating a percentage of our proceeds to their efforts.