kind words from callers

"I understand I can't just cold call my friends or family every time I need consoling for when things are beyond my control. A friend introduced me to Happy and I took advantage of sharing a bummer of a moment I was having. I was pleasantly surprised to speak with someone who not only felt for me but at the same time truly understood my feelings of helplessness. After sharing together similar battles and achievements she helped me to reinforce my mission by reminding me of the great accomplishments I have made as well as the gift I have and to carry on. Relieved, I accepted this truth within myself and couldn't be more grateful to know I was not alone but in the company of another compassionate soul and the world was that much better."


"Living in California is quite competitive physically, mentally, socially, and professionally. While I do not prescribe to ‘social norms’, I find it difficult to speak with colleagues or friends about my ‘feelings.’ The result-loneliness. After speaking with a Happy Giver, I felt at peace. I was validated not judged. An invaluable discussion - ‘meetings of the mind.’ Having a sounding board that is available weekly is a breath of fresh air. A contemporary way to meet my emotional needs. Thank you, Happy.”


“This is a great initiative and I commend you all for taking the time to listen and to offer compassion. I am very thankful for your time, effort and kindness.”


"I had a very good call which helped me begin to realize something I have been doing, and how I might rectify it. I felt much better after the call. Wonderful person! It was uplifting to see that I could speak with someone I did not know and who was not a therapist but was able to help me get out of down mood. The call also helped me to realize what I can do to lessen some of the negative feelings I get from not doing important things by just doing them so that they do not accumulate into further negative 'piles'."


“I am thankful and honored that someone took the time to speak to me and listen to what I had to say.”


"This has been literally the best positive thing I have experienced in a while! Whoever thought of this project would become my personal hero! Thank you for the patience, it was a 50 minute call, where I rumbled and rumbled, but what I got from it... It's just indescribable. I am feeling a lot more motivated and sure in myself, I can't stop smiling and I feel generally A LOT better. Seriously, just thank you. You have empowered me to dig deeper and to believe more in myself. As I appreciated hearing these nice things from someone who doesn't know me, I hope this will matter to you: you really made a difference. You gave me a lot to think about and to be proud of, so with tears in my eyes - thank you… Thank you again, it has been a wonderful experience and really inspiring too!”


“It was a very pleasant conversation. There was a lot of encouragement and understanding and knowledge of my situation. I also feel it give me a lot of insight and a direction that I should go. It also gave me the understanding that I'm the one that's holding back and all I have to do is make the steps to move forward. Thank you so much for your help, compassion and courtesy.”


“The Happy giver was supportive, understanding, helpful.  I felt much better after talking to him. I have now had two Happy calls and I am so grateful for the addition to my regime.”


“The call was very helpful. Turned on some lightbulbs and provided food for thought.”

kind words from givers

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I took my first call, but it was so natural. Happy's guidelines are easy to follow and make taking these call fluid and rewarding. After each call, not only am I so happy to have made someone feel better, but I also feel a renewed sense of compassion!"


"Easily the most meaningful experiences I've had in as long as I can remember. I've had conversations with people from Bulgaria to Manhattan Beach, and I remember every conversation I've had. There are few activities more rewarding than making someone else happy."


"I have a full-time job and a family, but I always find a way to make time for my Happy call."