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everyone deserves an audience

music is rooted in the act of opening up about the human experience. musicians have always used their songs and performances to open up and share their stories - stories of love, pain, isolation, loss. when musicians open up to their followers, they are heard and affirmed, but millions of people have no audience for their stories - 50 million Americans feel chronically isolated and disconnected. happy ensures that everyone has an audience, so that each of us can feel heard, encouraged and cared about in our moments of need. happy is partnering with musicians to launch Everyone Deserves an Audience. 

when musicians open up about their own stories and struggles, it gives their fans the courage and space to do the same. meet some of the artists we are proud to work with, and share your own story by tagging #openupgethappy #everyonedeservesanaudience and @happytheapp for a chance to be featured. 


spotlight: madi rindge

"happy is surprisingly wonderful. I was nervous before I made my first call, but as soon as Susan answered I felt at ease. the conversation flowed naturally left me feeling clearer, and comforted. everyone deserves the chance to be heard, on and off the stage, because our experiences are real and hard, but beautiful when we can share them with someone else."

madi rindge, singer-songwriter

spotlight: uma

"happy is actually closely tied to music. I use music as a way to connect with myself in a profound and intimate way, and use performance as a way to bring those reflections into the world -  by being vulnerable about my own pain, I have a wonderful opportunity to heal it. happy asks people to do just that - to talk about and explore their vulnerability, their struggles, to genuinely connect with someone else about, and through that expression to heal a little bit. "

uma, singer-songwriter


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